Finger Dressings 4.5cm x 4.5cm (Pack of 3)

Product Code: AWF03

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The AEROWOUND Wound Finger Dressings is a general purpose wound dressing for use in preventing infection and controlling bleeding. Sized to suit finger injuries.

Unique Finger Dressing

The AEROWOUND Finger dressing is unique in the industry for it ability to treat finger wounds too large to cover with an adhesive dressing. This unique product combines a 4.5cm square low adherent and absorbent pad, with a wrapping leader and secure adhesive tab to protect the wound.

Highly Absorbent

Highly absorbent wound pad controls bleeding and absorbs wound exudates

Low adherent

Special low adherent coating minimizes wound trauma associated with changing dressings

Individually packed and sterile

Dressings are available individually on demand in an easy tear wrapper and sterile for wound cleanliness.

Ease of application

The wound pad is attached to a wrapping leader of gauze bandage making the dressing simple to apply, yet comfortable and secure for  all general wound dressing.

Aero Code: AWF03