Coolz Insulin/Medicine Cooling Pod

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  • Reusable Cooling Pod, helps keep your insulin and medicines cool for up to 48 hours

  • No refrigeration, ice or ice packs needed

  • Simple to activate, by just immersing in cool water

  • Colour: Royal Blue

    The Coolz Insulin/Medicine Cooling Pod is an evaporative cooling device. It has been specially designed to utilise technologies that work synergistically together. This assists in keeping temperature sensitive in-use insulin/medicines within the manufacturer’s recommended safe range*. The Pod can be reused repeatedly, reactivate every 48 hours for continuous use.


     The Coolz Cooling Pod has three components:

    1. Inner Pod: Contains water absorbing crystals that expand when wet, enclosed in an inherently high anti-microbial anti-mould, fire resistant textile. This needs to be activated by immersing in water.

    2. Inner Pod Sleeve: Wicking, cooling textile. The Inner Pod is placed within this sleeve before placing in Outer Case.

    3. Outer Case: Breathable Air Flow Mesh Case.


    *This is around 16 to 26 C (60-80 F) for up to 48 hours, without the need for electricity, refrigerator or ice/ice packs.

    Coolz test results based on multiple unit testing at the ambient temperature of 37 to 40 C (98-104 F) over 48 hours.