How do Cool Cubes work?
Simply hydrate in clean water until the cells are firm to touch (approx 20 mins). Then Freeze, Chill or Heat. They are then ready for a pain relieving applications. Hot water hydrates the cell faster.

Are the Cool Cubes reusable?
Yes they can be reused by same patient, but they are economical enough to be disposed after use.

How long do Cool Cubes stay frozen?
A lot depends on the ambient temperature, but as a guide they will stay frozen or at 0 degrees C (32 degrees F) for at least two hours on a 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) day if properly prepared, for example fully hydrated and then frozen for at least two hours prior to use. They are far more effective and last a lot longer than the same volume of ice or a gel ice pack.When they thaw they stay nice and dry with no messy puddles of water, this is due to the polymer’s ability to retain fluid.

Do Cool Cubes have a shelf life or use by date?
The sheets have an indefinite shelf life. They can be used for years once hydrated and frozen, if steps are taken to keep them clean and unsoiled, like using and storing them in a plastic bag. Natural evaporation will occur over time and the cells will flatten out. No need to dispose of sheet, simply repeat the hydration process. If a cell punctures simply rinse out that cell, you can then continue using the rest of the sheet.

Are Cool Cubes safe?
The contents are completely safe and not harmful, they are non-allergenic, they do not contain ammonium nitrate, propylene glycol, both popular in other ice packs, and also do not contain latex. Please view our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available on our website. They are registered with the FDA (USA), TGA (Australia), CE (Europe), Medsafe (NZ).

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